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Those operating websites in Quebec are being urged to act on website accessibility guidelines that are designed to give equal access to websites for differently abled users. If you're a Quebec business, nonprofit or public sector organization interested in website accessibility services, then you've come to the right place.

What must you do?

But what exactly does this mean for you? As Quebec's Accessibility Act undergoes review and scrutiny, companies and organizations navigating the complexities of web accessibility standards seek guidance and solutions to meet compliance requirements. At our core, we offer more than just services—we offer a partnership dedicated to empowering organizations to embrace accessibility as a cornerstone of their digital strategy. That's why we're presenting the information you need to make an informed decision about how you will approach the task of meeting web accessibility requirements. Contact us today! We love helping those like you on improvements related to website accessibility.

How can we help?

Through website accessibility audits, targeted design change recommendations, and meta content writing or rewriting, we can help bring your website into compliance. By demonstrating a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we can build a more accessible and equitable digital future for all.


What standard does Quebec follow for website accessibility?

Quebec follows the Standard sur l’accessibilité des sites Web (SGQRI 008 2.0) for website accessibility, which requires organizations to meet level AA compliance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, with a few exceptions.

Does Quebec’s Accessibility Act include web accessibility?

First enacted in 1978 and amended in 2004 to include the web, Quebec’s Accessibility Act adheres to WCAG 2.0 Standards for the public sector only.

What is the scope of Quebec’s Accessibility Act?

The Act requires public sector organizations, such as government agencies and municipalities, to meet certain accessibility requirements. It was initially passed in 1978 and is now known as the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school, and workplace integration.

Are there any criticisms of Quebec’s Accessibility Act?

Yes, there is criticism that the Act does not have strong timelines, adherences, or penalties. The Act is currently under review.

How does the Gouvernement du Québec ensure its website’s accessibility?

The government uses a content management system that facilitates compliance with the accessibility standard. This includes templates and stylesheets to ensure proper organization and structuring of content. The government also provides workshops, training, and guidance to digital teams for good practices in accessibility.

What are the exceptions in Quebec’s web accessibility standard?

The standard does not require AA criteria 1.2.4 and 1.2.5. However, it requires AAA criteria 2.3.2 and 3.1.4, and pre-recorded audio can meet 1.2.2 and/or 1.2.6 but is not required to do both.

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance in Quebec?

Government departments and bodies are responsible for ensuring the compliance of their downloadable documents.

Is web accessibility mandatory for private sectors in Quebec?

Currently, Quebec’s Accessibility Act focuses on the public sector. It does not explicitly require private sector organizations to adhere to specific web accessibility standards.

What is the goal of Quebec’s web accessibility efforts?

The goal is to make websites accessible to all Internet users, compensating for specific problems and technical constraints to facilitate navigation.

Are there any support mechanisms provided by the Quebec government for web accessibility?

Yes, the Quebec government provides education, support, resources, and training to organizations required to comply with the accessibility standards. This includes targeted outreach about deadlines and requirements.

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