KBC Specialty

KBC Specialty Products is a commercial foodservice equipment distributor and supplier of Koala Kare brand change tables.

Designed and wrote content for Koala Kare landing page.

Designed and wrote content for foodservice landing page.

Designed and wrote content for accessibility for public washrooms in Canada section.

Designed and wrote content for Koala Kare's new line of products that are helping to support accessibility of public washrooms.

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Case Study


All products supplied by KBC are available to purchase by phone, mail, and email. Because KBC is new to eCommerce, the company decided to launch their online store offering only select products until they can get used to things. For this reason, KBC needed a main landing page that makes the visitor aware that there are two distinct sides of the business; a B2B website with information about all the foodservice and restaurant equipment they sell, and an online store selling select Koala Kare products.


Their online goals were:

  • Design a modern, more secure website that requires less maintenance over time
  • Build a website that serves two distinct sides of the business
  • Enable eCommerce
  • Make it easy for KBC's staff to manage the online store


ISC first designed brand standards and wrote a content strategy that would be used when creating the new KBC eCommerce website. Meanwhile, we finalized functional requirements and aligned on Wix Studio as the preferred platform because it offers all the shipping options the client needs, without the higher price tag of some other platforms.


The client was pleased with their new website, and ISC is looking forward to seeing how things unfold as KBC continues to evolve their new B2B online selling channel.