Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the nation's top nature charity. While working with NCC, we wrote and managed content to support three websites. We also developed content strategies that resulted in a 30% increase in donations YoY, 17% increase in organic sales and 10% increase in average conversion rate.

Services provided include:

  • UI for online donation platform
  • UX/UI content and design for eCommerce website and donor accounts
  • Email marketing content, design, HTML template creation, QA, and campaign administration
  • Search optimized content
  • Content for paid search ads
  • Accessibility content
  • Internal communications, CX, finance and operations systems

NCC Gifts of Nature landing page and Shopify website.

NCC Gifts of Nature symbolic gifts categories on a Shopify website.

NCC e-cards program.

Case Study


Needed to increase conversion rate.


Through validated research, we found users weren’t completing their transaction online, but were instead calling in to complete their purchase. There were two main reasons why they were calling: 1.) They found the online form confusing and were afraid of doing it wrong. 2.) They incorrectly completed the online form and now needed help to correct the issue.


Rewrote UX content so that section titles and placeholder text were more descriptive. To accomplish this, we first had to make some customizations to the database.


After the changes were implemented, analytics showed an increased conversion rate. The call centre team also reported fewer calls from donors needing help purchasing e-cards.


Needed to increase online donations


Through web analytics, we found several gaps in NCC's digital strategy, leading to missed opportunities in raising funds online:

  1. Little attention being paid to organic keyword strategy as a way to drive traffic to multiple channels
  2. Disproportionate spend on paid advertising, with a low CTR/CR
  3. Journey from homepage to donation page needed to be consolidated (too many different paths and CTA's, some leading to dead-ends and others cannibalizing inbound organic traffic)


  1. Created target keywords and an integrated search marketing strategy to support it
  2. Redesigned UX, rewrote website page content to funnel traffic to the same destination


The new content journey proposed for the main website landing page was not actioned on. However, the integrated search marketing strategy was a huge success, leading to a 17% increase in donations attributed to organic traffic - specifically around the target keyphrase "green gift ideas".